Split times and race results - see it for 2021 split times:


50K finish 196 had bib numbers assigned, 170 started, 28 DNF'd (normally a handful of DNFs at most)

100K finish 117 had bib numbers assigned, 107 started, 42 DNF'd (39% drop is a new record)

100 miler finish 94 had bib numbers assigned, 84 started, 58 DNF'd (69% drop is a new record by far)

100 miler Patrick Durante's 6 minute music video

Mike McNeil's 2021 photos

Piper Schofield's 2021 finish line photos (added 10/26/21)

New in 2021 - RaceJoy real-time runner tracking with new 2-way SOS communication feature

2021 race - Oct 16th 2021 - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED - BIB NUMBERS ASSIGNED, see the below Runrace.net link:

Unforgiving. Historic. Gnarly. Do you have what it takes?

2021 registration is CLOSED on RunRace.net

- Wild & tough 1860's oil boom era policies:


NO TRANSFER or selling of your entry to another runner - drivers license / photo ID required to pick up your race packet


NO DEFERRING of your entry until another year

NO CREDIT FOR FINISHING A SHORTER DISTANCE - if you don't finish the distance you signed up for it is a DNF

"Strike oil or move on!"

- no paper entry forms - online entry via RunRace.net

- must be 18 years of age

Date: Oct 16, 2021 - 12th running!

Location: Titusville Middle School race HQ, Titusville PA - race is primarily on the Gerard Hiking Trail of Oil Creek State Park

3 concurrent races:

    • 100 miles - 17,627' elev gain - 32 hour limit - 5 AM Saturday to 1 PM Sunday = 19:06 / mile ** REG. CLOSED **

    • 100K - 11,026' elev gain - 31 hour limit - 6 AM Saturday to 1 PM Sunday = 30:00 / mile ** REG. CLOSED **

    • 50K - 5,459' elev gain - 17 hour limit - 7 AM to midnight Saturday = 32:48 / mile ** REG. CLOSED **

  • Start line target of approximately 100 participants in the 100K, 175 in the 50K, and 185 in the 100 miler

    • 50K loop course on primarily the rugged single-track Gerard Hiking Trail of OCSP

    • Approx. 2,000 reflective flags and hundreds of orange soccer cones mark the 50K course

    • Friends, family, crew and pacer friendly

    • Race HQ is beautiful Titusville Middle School (TMS) - 415 Water St - serves as the start / finish line, aid station # 4, and race HQ - post-race showers for $ 10 (2021)

Parking -

Other overflow parking - Burgess Park - 0.6 mile walk - be careful, partial sidewalks on S Brown St:

RV / overflow parking at Ed Myer's Recreation Complex - the large parking lot by the bleachers / track:

Run in the valley where the world's first oil boom began in 1859 when "Colonel" Edwin Drake drilled the first commercial oil well and the reason John D Rockefeller amassed much of his fortune.

As a member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), we follow their guidelines on headset use. RRCA does not encourage headphone use during its member races but does not disallow them as long as they are used safely. For this reason, Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs will allow headphones on the course only if it does not pose a safety risk. If you absolutely must use them KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN so you can hear runners approaching from behind - or risk getting run over in wild & tough 1860's oil boom era fashion. For safety reasons, it may be necessary for a course official to ask you to remove your headset/earphones during the race. You are required to comply or face disqualification and removal from the course.

Like to volunteer? Email volunteer coordinator Katie Gilbert at katiegilbert8815@gmail.com or ideally join the "Oil Creek100 Trail Runs Volunteers" group - 400+ members

Email Race Director Tom Jennings @ rd_oc100@yahoo.com

Are you on Facebook? Join the "Oil Creek100 Trail Runs" group - 2,800+ members

Follow "OC100TR"

Benninghoff Farm today - the 35' replica oil derricks are the inspiration for the logo and finisher's award buckle. All runners will pass them on their way from Wolfkiel Run AS #1 to Egbert Farm AS #2 in Petroleum Center :

A large (approx. size 3.5" X 2.5"), heavy, high-quality belt buckle from Creative Casting Inc in Denison TX will be offered to all ultra finishers.

NOTE: in 2021 we removed the date from the front - due to COVID-19 pandemic cancellation concerns - and put the distance instead

100 = two-tone gold & silver buckle

Sub-22 hour 100 mile buckle - gold derricks and hills:

100K = silver (nickle) buckle

50K = bronze buckle

1,000 mile buckle - for ten 100 mile finishes

Oil Creek State Park was the 2010 National Gold Medal "Grand Award" winner for excellence in park and recreation management

The wild & tough 1860's oil boom era in Petroleum Center where crew-accessible aid station # 2 is located (Egbert Farm picnic pavilion). Washington Street is now Petroleum Center Road - notice the faint outline of the hill in the background for the then / now photo below:

Washington Street then, Petroleum Center Road now. Benninghoff Farm is only about 1/2 mile down this road (toward Titusville) where the OC&T railroad tracks & train tressel are located:

Benninghoff Farm today - from the east Gerard hiking trail scenic overlook. The paved road you see in this photo is Petroleum Center Rd (the old Washington Street) that is used to access Petroleum Center's Egbert Farm aid station # 2. This overlook is on the official course - it is beautiful with the October fall colors - and 100 mile participants will get to see the derricks illuminated Sat. night / Sun. morning