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    Unforgiving.  Historic.  Gnarly.  Do you have what it takes?


    OC100 welcome, intro, key information

    Quick summary of 2011 changes for returning runners

    Drop bags, crew, pacer information


    Course description and course markings

    Beautiful & modern Titusville Middle School (TMS) at 415 Water St (the intersection of S Kerr St & Water St) will serve as the start & finish line, race headquarters, and aid station # 4.   Showers - with 4 private stalls in each locker room as well as the traditional school group showers - will be available all weekend for runners, pacers and crew for a nominal fee of $5 to cover the custodial staff that will be on hand all weekend - be sure to thank them for giving up their weekend so we can use this incredible facility!

    Click on school floor layout for a larger view - 4 restrooms open for use:

    • Awards
      • Top 3 males and females in each distance - these 6 individuals receive complimentary entry for next year's race
      • Male & female champions - lifetime complimentary entry (for any distance)
      • All finishers will receive the traditional trail ultra finisher's award belt buckle (see below)
      • Last place finisher in each distance will be honored with the prestigious "Last Wildcatter to Leave Pithole" award.  Pithole / Pithole City is the ghost town that is just a few miles away from Oil Creek State Park.  Pithole went from a wilderness area with 3 cabins in 1864 to a population of 15,000 in 1865 with no sewage system and knee-deep mud.  By the end of 1867 the town was essentially dead with a population of 281.

    •  The race registration website will capture your medical background (allergies, medicines currently on, blood type, etc.) and emergency contact information.  This data will be written on the back of your race bib for EMS (emergency medical services) use.  This is for your protection in the event of a medical emergency so please complete this information as accurately as possible - give yourself every chance to survive in an emergency situation. 

    • EMS personnel will be at most staffed aid station to assist you in an emergency.  However, these are very remote locations that are difficult to get aid to in a short amount of time so please read the waiver on the race registration website very carefully.  You must run / walk in a manner to protect yourself, other runners, and your pacer (if applicable) at all times.

    • The first and last 1.25 miles of all race distances & loops will be on a short side street and the paved bike path that runs between TMS and Oil Creek State Park (the Jersey Bridge canoe launch parking lot just north of Drake Well Museum).  It is possible to run on the side of the paved bike path to avoid asphalt as much as possible.  See the maps / directions page for more information. 
    • All races will be run on an approximate 50K loop course on the rugged trails at Oil Creek State Park and short sections of the paved bike path and area dirt roads. 
    • Staffed aid stations every 7 to 8 miles - stocked with Hammer Nutrition's HEED and Hammer Gel, pure Culligan water, and other goodies. 


    • 5 unstaffed WATER ONLY aid stations - these will be at the approximate midpoints between staffed aid stations.  Therefore, water will be available about every 3 to 4 miles.
    • Numerous portable (10 or 11) and permanent pit composting toilets along the course 

    • No NSAID's will be available at the aid stations
      • Carry your own Advil, Tylenol, aspirin, etc. in a small plastic ziploc type bag

    • DROP BAGS for your extra gear & special needs:
      • Print (large) your name, bib #, and the aid station name clearly labeled on the bag.
      • The two locations are:
        • Petroleum Center - AS # 2 - all races - bags only, no large or hard containers
        • TMS - AS # 4 - 100K & 100 milers only
      • Ziploc Big Bags (XL size) or similar drop bags are recommended to keep your gear dry and to help our volunteers with transport
      • No trash bags as they could be mistakenly thrown out with garbage

    • PACERS: 
      • Runners in any distance race that is age 60 and older are encouraged to have a pacer the entire race (one pacer at a time)
      • Pacers cannot carry supplies or gear for the participant
      • Pacer forms and 4 digit bib #'s are available all of race weekend at race HQ - Friday night in packet pickup area, rest of weekend in cafeteria
      • None allowed for the 50K (unless you are age 60 or older)
      • 100K and 100 miler - one pacer at a time
      • Pacers can join at either TMS AS # 4 or at Petroleum Center AS # 2 after checking in with aid station personnel and filling out a pacer form and receiving a 4-digit pacer bib.
      • 100K - pacers allowed the last 50K loop - join at either AS # 4 for the full final loop or at AS # 2 in Petroleum Center for a shorter distance
      • 100 milers - pacers allowed the last 40ish miles of the race (the 3rd and final 50K loop plus the 7.7 mile "headed home" loop 4).  Pacers can join the 100 mile runner after the 2nd loop is completed at TMS.  
      • Pacers must register at TMS race HQ to sign the waiver and pick up their pacer bib (some forms and bibs may be available at AS # 2 but not guaranteed). 

    • CREW:  crew will be allowed for all race distance participants
      • Wolfkiel Run AS #1 and Miller Farm Rd bridge AS#3 are not crew accessible due to the lack of parking / remoteness.  If your crew meets you at these remote aid stations, especially during Saturday morning and afternoon, you are subject to disqualification.
      • For the safety of the runners please keep pets away from the aid stations
      • It is only 10 miles on paved roads from TMS AS#4 to Petroleum Center's Egbert Farm AS#2 which is the turnaround point of the loop and where the park office is located. 
    • October averages:

    Tom J,
    Oct 10, 2010, 10:11 PM
    Tom J,
    Oct 11, 2010, 5:15 AM