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    Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs

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    Photos & videos

    2013 race weekend photos

    Dave Adams photos - flickr
    CJ (Charlie) Houpt photos - flickr
    Lee Ann Reiners photos - flickr


    2013 - Runner highlights start at 11:30 mark


    2013 - Volunteers


    OC100 welcome, intro, key information

    Quick summary of 2011 changes for returning runners

    Drop bags, crew, pacer information


    Course description & course markings

    2012 race weekend photos

    Michael Henderson photos

    Lee Ann Reiners photos - flickr

    Julian Vicente (100 mile finisher) photos - picasaweb

    Joey Anderson (100 mile participant) scenic trail photos - Google+

    Lisa & Steve Beers & RunRace - RunRace

    Rich "The Troubadour" Limacher - RunRace

    2011 race weekend photos
    Michael J. Henderson photos

    Charlie Houpt photos - flickr

    Lee Ann Reiners photos - flickr



    Brian Newcomer - Benninghoff Farm oil derricks


    Brian Newcomer - section 4 just before Rockefeller's Revenge


    2010 race weekend photos and videos

    Steve Hinds photos - flickr

    Charlie Houpt photos - flickr

    Lee Ann Reiners photos - flickr

    2010 Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs - Erie Independent Film

    2009 race weekend photos

    Jeremy Lock photos - 4 time military photographer of the year and Bronze Star winner

    Michael J. Henderson photos

    Charlie Houpt photos - yahoo group

    Lee Ann Reiners photos - yahoo group

    Yahoo discussion group photos

    "The Prize" PBS miniseries - Episode 1 - the start of the oil boom - based on the Pulitzer prize winning book THE PRIZE by Daniel Yergin - incredible 1860's photos of the oil boom - John D Rockefeller

    Autumn in OCSP  - Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad pictures during October train rides

    Drake Well tour video - see Drake Well and the "Olin Hit & Miss" engine that can be heard from miles away on the Gerard hiking trail, and a few 1860's photos begin at the 4:25 mark of the video

    Drake Well video - shows how a "central power" engine operates surrounding oil wells via long "sucker rods" - 1860's remnants of these central power stations and rods are all along the Gerard hiking trail.

    FallinPA.com - PA's fall foliage website

    Fall photos by Mike Berquist from Oct 21 2007 - about 10 days later in the year than the race will be held

    Johnny Cash - "Ride this Train - story of oil starting in Titusville PA" - 9/30/1970 - YouTube video

    OCSP area video - Rhodes family vacation video of the Caboose Motel, Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad, and Drake Well Museum

    Ray Gerard, creator of the Gerard Hiking Trail at Oil Creek State Park: